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Professional CV Writing Services

A professional, well-written and targeted CV is crucial for successfully landing your next role. Opinions and ideas vary enormously about the ideal content of a CV. Ultimately, a CV must showcase your skills and experience in a way that encourages the recruiter to invite you for an interview. Our CV Writing Service provides a personal, approachable and affordable way to have a great CV of which to be proud.

How does your CV Service work?

Producing a polished, concise and professional CV is a collaborative process. You are the expert on you and your skills! We provide a bespoke one to one client service and work with you on every aspect of your new CV. After an initial free telephone or email consultation to establish your requirements, we assess your current CV and provide you with a quote. Once you give me the go ahead, we write a draft CV based on your original CV and any additional information you provide. Should you not have a CV in any format, we provide a very simple CV Starter Form that allows you to quickly provide the basics such as job title, employer, dates of employment and key responsibilities. We then work with this information to create a first draft from which we then work. If you have a job description and person specification for a role for which you would like to apply, feel free to send that over too and We can tailor your professional CV to your target roles. You can then use your new CV as a template for each role which you subsequently apply.

How long does it take?

We aim to produce a finished CV within three to five working days of an initial consultation. If you have an urgent requirement for a professional CV, there is an addition fee charged for a 24-hour and 48-hour service.

I’ve been in the workplace for years! How do I fit it all in?

Two pages are ideal so keeping your work history brief, succinct and relevant is key to getting your CV read by the right people. If you have started researching CVs, you are probably aware that on average, a recruiter spends about 15-20 seconds skimming each CV. Making sure your CV receives the attention it deserves is crucial to making it through to the next stage in the selection process – the interview.

What function does a CV perform?

You are now a product you are taking to market so it is your responsibility to sell yourself well. A CV is often your first opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for a new role so it must:

  • Be written professionally, articulately and in a structured way
  • Contain easily accessible and salient information about your skills and experience
  • Be precise, relevant and tailored to each role
  • Include key words and phrases relevant to your profession and sector

What do recruiters think of having a CV written professionally?

Many of our clients are referred to us by headhunters, recruiters and managers keen to see a well-written CV. A well-written professional CV will also be required to apply online or via a recruitment agency. Recruitment consultants rarely have time to re-write your CV for you, so having a professional CV writer can add to your appeal as an easily placed candidate. As a recruiter, we were always relieved to receive a well-written, succinct and professionally presented CV. Many of our clients use our service because they simply do not have time to investigate current trends in CV writing, covering letters and application forms.

Will I need to make changes to my new CV?

A CV is a very fluid document and it is vital to review and edit your CV for every role to which you apply. It is important to analyses each job description and person specification to ensure you include the key words and phrases relating to the particular role. There are thousands of key words related to each profession and sector so it is impossible to include them all. Also, each organization has its own style of writing – some more formal than others so check out a company website as well as the job description can help you to make sure the minor amendments you make assist the recruiter to identify you as a suitable candidate. A professionally written CV can be used as a fantastic template for each application. The first crucial step in a successful job search campaign!

Cover Letter Writing

Covering letters are playing an increasingly important role in a strong job search strategy. If you are offered the chance to submit a covering letter alongside your CV, make the most of this valuable opportunity to engage the recruiter’s attention. This is often the differentiating factor between having your CV read or rejected.

We thoroughly enjoy writing covering letters and aim to get ‘under the skin’ of both the applicant and the recruiter. Approximately 99% of the covering letters we write for clients, for whom we have written their CV, at which point we understand their career history and their target roles as well as having got to know them a little more. So, we will not describe you as a ‘dynamic and entrepreneurial team player’ if what you want to do is be allowed to get on with your job in peace and prefer not to have to make any major decisions. But we will be able to highlight why those personal qualities suit the team and the company perfectly! We are always delighted to hear that the covering letter we help a client moving into the next level of management, secure a highly sought after internship, gain a place on a Master’s programme or be selected for interview with one of the world’s leading companies.

Can you write it for me?

Should you like some assistance in writing a professional covering letter feel free to email us at,


Turnaround time: 5 to 7 days

Fee Structure


S.N Bespoke Services Fee
1 CV Writing £ 100
2 Cover Letter £ 34


If require in 1 to 2 days

Fee Structure


S.N Bespoke Services Fee
1 CV Writing £ 200
2 Cover Letter £ 70


Since the last recession the UAE job market has become highly competitive with massive competition for almost every job. So when employers are receiving hundreds of CV’s for each available position they have – how do they choose which applicants they interview? The answer is simple…. YOUR CV!!! Unfortunately not everybody has a CV Writer.

These days more than ever you need to rise above the competition, the only way to do this is by having a CV from a Professional CV Writer. Just because you are capable of doing the job, it doesn’t mean you’ll get an interview as there could be 50 other candidates all equally capable, all applying for the same job you are. It is the candidates with the most professional CV with the correct keywords that will be noticed by the employer and will be invited for an interview. Right now, you need a Professional CV Writer

Over the years we have helped your competition secure these interviews and in turn their dream job, that is because they have had a Professional CV Writer. This is your chance to join them and ensure you get the interview and the job you deserve. All of our Professional CV Writers have many years’ experience in Recruitment and know what employers are looking for. All of our Professional CV Writers have industry specific experience and we will make you the perfect CV.

Professional CV Writer / Wizard are a one stop shop. We will provide you with a telephone or email consultation with one of our Professional CV Writers – whichever is easiest for you (we are happy to speak to you outside of normal office hours). From that consultation the CV Writer will create your specialist CV, professionally written and presented exactly how hiring managers want to see it, in both PDF and Word format. A CV that will mean instead of being passed over for every application, you will have the best possible opportunity to get your foot in the door and land you an interview for your dream job. The Professional CV Writer will even provide cover letters, resignation letters, interview coaching and a LinkedIn profile. Who better to write your CV than Professional Recruiters? So stop being beaten to the post by your competition and step ahead of the game with a Professional CV Writer

We guarantee we will not be beaten on price for any similar service with a 48 hour turn around …. Check out what we can do for you by emailing us at